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NAHS Attendance Reminder & Information

NAHS Attendance Reminder & Information

 A few reminders and highlights of attendance information on documented absences versus excused absences.

  • To report a student absence please call 978-794-1711 Ext. #3 by 8:00am

  • To dismiss a student prior to the end of a school day, please send your student with a parent note to the main office by 7:35am. The note should be signed and dated while indicating the time and reason for dismissal. 

Excused Absences/Tardies

Documented Absences/Tardies

Allows for makeup work to be graded and counted

Allows for makeup work to be graded and counted

Counts towards credit reduction

Does not count towards credit reduction

Communicated by parent as a call-in to our absent line or by a parent note to the office

-Routine absence due to brief illness

-Dismissals of school authorized by parents prior to the student leaving school

-Absences from school due to pre planned vacations or non NAHS sanctioned events (club sports/activities..etc)

-Illness covered by doctor’s note

-Death in family as communicated by parent

-Religious Holiday as communicated by parent

-Mandated court appearance covered by documentation from court

-Authorized field trip as coded by NAHS

-Illness dismissals as coded by the discretion of our nurses

-COVID as communicated by parent

Families notification to main office within 48 hours of the absence or tardy

Families have 10 days to provide main office/nurse with applicable documentation


*Please see this link for information on our 2022-2023 Attendance Protocol